Regulations of the Camper Park Aris campsite in Orzysz


1. The rules of the Regulations are intended to protect the rights of all guests (hereinafter: guests) of the campsite.
2. These rules set out the obligations of guests regarding their behaviour during their stay at the campsite and the use of the technical facilities and equipment made available.


  1.  Upon arrival at the campsite, the guest is obliged to check in at the reception desk. When registering, the visitor is required to provide identification documents of all persons present on the campsite premises
  2. The setting up of the campsite equipment and the vehicle of the guest shall be determined by the staff at the reception desk, depending on available pitches or unmarked camping grounds.
  3. The residence day starts at 14.00 on the first day of stay and ends at 11.00 on the day of departure
  4. Received receipt or identification number entitles you to stay at the campsite, you should keep it for control throughout your stay.
  5. The fee for the whole stay is paid upon arrival. If the guest extends his stay without reporting it to the reception desk in due time, he pays 50% of the fee for the first 5 hours and then 100% of the rate.
  6. no cash refund is granted for the purchased and unused stay


  1. Stay is only permitted within the designated space (marked camping pitches).
  2. It is forbidden for a guest to change the place without the prior permission of the reception staff.
  3. When a tourist drives a motor vehicle on the campsite grounds, he shall be required to exercise special care – the speed limit for the whole campsite shall be 5 km/h.
  4. Children should be supervised by their parents or those directly responsible for them. The use by children of the campsite’s equipment, playground and services shall only take place in the presence of supervising adults.
  5. Guests have the right to have a dog on the campsite provided that they maintain proper hygiene (cleaning after four-legged) and have valid vaccination certificates. Dogs should be kept on a leash and led out in a muzzle if they are aggressive.
  6. Visitors and guests may stay at the campsite from 9.00 to 22.00, if it has been previously reported at the reception and must comply with these regulations.
  7. We close the main entrance gate between 22:00 and 7:00. The gate is opened only after contact with the reception.
  8. Before leaving the campsite, the guest is obliged to clean up and leave intact the place where he stayed.


1. Guests can use electrical and communal devices as well as equipment. Devices and equipment may only be used in accordance with their original purpose

2. It is forbidden to wash the car, change the oil in the vehicle etc. at the campsite.

3. Washbasins, troughs, showers, urinals and toilets, as well as the point of discharge must be used in a proper manner, corresponding to their intended use; guests must be aware that these are sanitary facilities that all campsite guests share.

4. Connection to the electric installation and disconnection from it (electric box) shall only be made by authorized camping staff.


1. The guest is obliged to take care of his property and personal belongings left at the campsite.
2. The management of the campsite shall not be liable for the loss or damage of items owned by the guest, as well as not responsible for accidents or injuries caused by the fault of the guests.


1. To dispose of the garbage, use the bins placed within the campsite.
2. . It is prohibited to dispose of garbage outside the designated bins.
3. Guests are obliged to keep the place where they are staying in order and clean.
4. Guests are required to protect all plants in the campground.
5. Guests are required to use water rationally.


1. Guests are obliged to comply with order and peace.
2. The curfew is valid from 23.00 to 06.00. During this time, new guests may not occupy camping pitches, and guests staying in the facility may not leave its premises in order to go out at night.

3. No loud music is allowed on the campsite. Please do not disturb the peace of other tourists using the recreation center.


1. The campsite is equipped with fire-fighting equipment and means that must be used by guests and the teams designated by the camp management.
2. It is forbidden to smoke bonfires in the open, except for a standard grill.

3. It is prohibited to bring flammable fuels, explosives, etc. to the campsite.
4. . In the event of a fire on the camping site or in its immediate vicinity, guests are required to join the organized fire fighting campaign.


1. Camping guarantees guests the use of equipment of a standard compatible with their category. In case of reservations, the guest has the right to report them at the reception

2.  The guest shall also report to the reception staff the damage, malfunction of installations and equipment and any non-compliance with these rules. 

X CONSEQUENCES of violating the regulations of the campsite

  1. A camping guest is obliged to comply with all provisions of these Regulations.
  2. The operator reserves the right to prohibit admission people under the influence of alcohol who behave inappropriately as well as the right to remove persons who do not comply with these regulations from the campsite area.
  3. Violation of the rules of these regulations and norms of tourist coexistence is subject to the assessment of the receptionist and may deprive the guest of the possibility of further stay at the campsite without the possibility of reimbursement of the cost of stay.

We wish you a pleasant holiday

Campsite Administrator


ul. Ełcka 65A, 12-250 Orzysz